Merely done for practice to try to improve on lighting.Though I still have ways to go, its a bigger improvement from some of my earlier works.

Concept: The seed in its chest is of unknown origin, but gives off immense power. It has a conscious of its own and instead of growing on its own it will find a host to serve as guardian of the planets ecosystem. After bonding the host will gradually grow to colossal proportions with it powers to absorb and manipulate solar energy, control of vegetation, weather and terrakinesis.

It took me a while to work on this, I've haven't been doing much art until lately since i've been so busy with my main job. Because I'm not so happy at my current job, I was inspired to pick up the pen again. This is my most recent finished piece. And best believe I'm back to working on drawings too. You will see more of those soon, But for now Please Enjoy.

Christopher Guishard.
Step by step progress

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