Colossal Mermaid Project 
To put it simply, I just thought of a epic mermaid of colossal proportions. A few things came to me as I was drawing like the back head piece, hair braids and hair ornaments to give a sort of Native Indian feel, But instead of bird feathers fish fins were put in their place. The sort of Fish ecosystem was intended quite early. Enjoy.
This was actually how it originally started. All I know is wanted to make some sort of creature that wasn't truly human. It was going to originally like a centaur in a sense. Then I was grew to hate the design rather quickly and erased it. That's when the mermaid idea came. It was something I wanted to draw for the past 3 years, but I never got around to it. 
The small Native Indian inspirations came almost soon after I started the Head piece, twin braids and head ornaments. This was actually my favorite part.
This small bug came out of nowhere as I was working on the peace. It was likely attracted to my headlight. It was nice to have some temporary company. :)
I wanted to have more going on than just that one mermaid standing there. I wanted the surroundings to sort of signify her importance (hopefully I'm using the right term).
This peace took FAR more time than I thought to finish so I had to take breaks. It was a good thing I did because I realized about half way that the hair was screwed up because I was of course look at the drawing from a down to up perspective on a flat surface, At time's I wasn't drawing on my drafting table which is very dangerous. 
The fish around her hand was arguably the most difficult part for me mainly because I have never done it before. 
I wanted give her the importance of a God like stature, A sense of Adoration while giving off a potential sort of intimidation factor due to her Huge size. I wanted her to be portrayed as a sort of aquatic sanctuary.  
SO everyone come's for the party. The Item she is holding is actually a massive school of fish that combined together at her command.

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